Wednesday, December 5, 2007


GRE Ok, so GRE go #2.

I'm freaking out.
I want to improve my score by about 60 points in each area.
Yes. In my little Utopian happy world. That will be the outcome.

I had wanted to take the test 2 weeks ago so they'd be in by deadlines for my grad school applications, but all of the seats in all of Pennsylvania and Maryland were filled. Hence, I shall take them tomorrow. Or really it's today at this point of my writing this.

Goodness, what if my score goes down?

Then, that'd be another $140 down the drain. And no grad school would want me at all then. I would assume students who get more stupider is generally frowned upon.

*Nervous Anxiety* And I hope it doesn't snow too much. I'd like to make it to Harrisburg and back again alive.


  1. My thought. Don't think about $$$$$ lost or scores going down. Don't go there. Pick what you want (good scores) and really get behind it. Imagine what it will feel like when your scores go through the roof. Feel it and book mark that feeling. Life is good. eeeek

  2. thanks einar, I read your message right before I took them and it made me feel better!

    tami, yes. more stupider. (for effect)