Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Free Rice... and Words

Coolest website ever. I wish I had found this before I took the GRE's.

A word pops up. You click on the correct definition. For every vocab word you get right, the United Nations World Food Program distributes 20 grains of rice to impoverished peoples. The money comes from the advertisers on the site and everybody wins. You learn words, corporations get advertising, and hungry people get rice. I'm just guessing, but the last one is probably the best.

-I dare you to beat my score. Suckers. My highest is 40 as of right now, but I probably average at the 36-37 range.

I am a vocab beast, I dare you to surpass my mad skill. Do it. Click on the green.


  1. you sure this is legit? i find it really really hard that they will donate rice...but, perhaps after break, i will try it...and beat you.

  2. oh man, ok, so i caved and i tried it.....my highest was a 39! not bad for a bio major. a lot of the words used are bio related, so that was interesting. it is a very addicting game...

  3. i know. bah ha ha hah ah.
    i am impressed emily. you took latin in high school too. that prob. helped too.