Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To the Statue of Liberty and Beyond

If you want to visit the statue of liberty I highly recommend buying your tickets online before you go. Fortunately we did, and when we got there we had the privilege of passing all the other suckers in the really really long "flex" pass line. So do yourself a favor, buy your ferry tickets beforehand or you'll be waiting in the cold with the hobos (literally--they play music and beg for money nearby). No matter which ticket you get though, you'll still have to go through airport-like security twice. Yes, once before you board the ferry and once before entering the statue. A little much, no? The ferry continues on from Liberty Island to Ellis Island and if you visit both of the locations, you could make a whole day of it.

Lady Liberty, my does she look nice.


  1. At least you didn't have ice pelting you in the face like that one time we went!

  2. Tami! I miss you. We need to catch up!

    And yeah, the freak ice storm while we were there was horrible!! We couldn't even see the statue and we were right in front of it. And, Grace was wearing sandals in all that snow. Oh, good times, good times.