Friday, November 26, 2010

What 3 things would you grab in a fire?

This morning the fire alarm of our hotel woke us up. Attention: everybody outside. Fun indeed. A whirl of pajamas, unbrushed hair, and screaming kids from neighboring rooms.

You know that hypothetical situation where you choose 3 things you will take with you if your house is on fire and you have to evacuate immediately? Yeah, well that type of clear thinking doesn't really happen in such a situation anyway.

The three things I grabbed when I thought the place was on fire were my computer (good choice), contacts (probably necessary), and gloves (huh?). I didn't bring other important things like my ipod, phone, credit card, keys, or coat. So much for clarity in the morning fire drill. The alarm likely awakened us because somebody burned Jimmy Dean sausages in their microwave, but still, I couldn't have grabbed more strategic items? Hopefully I'll never have to face that situation for real.

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