Monday, July 27, 2009


The wind in Montevideo this week have been horrendous. They got up to 55 miles per hour on Wednesday. Ahhhh. I have to admit, that even the sound of the wind howling and slapping against our building makes me cold. Sure it’s cold enough on its own, but mentally, the whoosh of a wind only makes it worse. Sometimes I feel like an old woman when I’m in the apartment holding my hands over the heater and getting as close as possible without catching my pants on fire. We have two couches in our living room, but we hardly use them because the dining room chairs allow us to get much closer to our only source of heat. Apparently there was really bad storm a few years ago with wind speeds that classified as “viento peligro.” Also, there is apparently a famous weather man who is slightly crazy, at times giving the weather in strange voices or with puppets on his hands, but who is always right. He warned people about the wind. But nobody believed him. These are stories I hear…

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