Friday, July 13, 2007


Rome: ColiseumRome was awesome because all of the ancient ruins there like the coliseum, Pantheon, Julius Caesar's funeral pyre, Vestal Virgin Temple, and Roman forum. We threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain so it is certain that we shall return. I love how all the Italians ride on their little motor-scooters in business suits, smoking a cigarette, and talking on their mobile phone. The gelato--to die for, especially my favorite flavors: mango, bacchio, and hazelnut.

fountain in RomeEmily and I had a hotel room about 2 inches bigger than the ONE bed, so we made a lovely sitting room out of the closet, unfortunately that wasn't very big either. Rome, I loved it, but am discouraged by how metropolin it has become, perhaps I am saying that I just wish it felt cleaner. One day we watched a soccer game, ate pizza, discoverd ancient ruins of our own, shopped in the markets, and happened upon the coliseum.

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  1. i loved our sitting room! don't diss the sitting room....
    that room...i shall never forget our roman hotel room. how sad.
    we had some good times in rome..."jenny, unbutton your shirt!"