Sunday, March 18, 2007


The highlight of my day was at Burger King. Yes that's right. My dad pulled up through the drive thru, stopped, and started giving his order. It wasn't the machine. It was the trash can. My dad was telling the blue trash can that he wanted a whopper. For some reason they stuck the trash can before the ordering thing and they do look vaguely similar...I still laugh at the thought. I'm still not sure whether my dad was joking or not.

Then, I really wanted chili. Is that too much to ask? Recycled hamburger chili, but they said they wouldn't sell it us because they couldn't find the lids. We said, "Oh we don't care, just hand it to us carefully." The woman was like, "No!, it's illegal to sell chili without a lid." Is that riduculous or what?


  1. that sounds like something you would do jenn

  2. tami stole the words right out of my mouth....yeah, jenn, are you sure that wasn't you talking to the big blue trash can?