Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Beachy Thanksgiving

I know it has been a rather large chunk of time since I last wrote, but these past few weeks have been CRUNCH time with school. And then for Thanksgiving Vacation we went to Ocean City, Maryland. Surprisingly there were many people there and all the the shops along the boardwalk were open. We stayed in a cool hotel so I got my own room and we had a massive spa tub that I soaked in one night. We went to a magic show Friday night. Thanksgiving we ate at an icecream shop with bad food, but hey, it was the only thing open. I wanted Mexican, but turkey that tasted like elementary school food had to suffice. I'll never understand the whole, use an icecream scooper for mashed potatoes, idea. That just disturbs me. Overall we had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving.

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