Monday, April 3, 2006

El Torcal

torcalWe spent ALL day on Friday at the beach after our exam, then we went out dancing at night since all we did was lay around in the sun for the whole day. Then on Saturday we visited el Torcal, about an hour away from Málaga. It was so beautiful. We hiked over and through a bunch of limestone rocks layered up over each other. The hike was a nice change, after only walking along city streets for the past 2 months. I can´t decide whether I want to live in a city someday or the country. I love the best of both worlds, but it is impossible to have both. I guess I´ll just have to have several houses in several countries and my own plane and boat for transportation between them, of course. Then on sunday Melissa and I went to the local market and it was insane. Vendors yelling prices, people shoving, 26ºC sun beating on your head, and a confined area. I loved it. Oh, and I got a piercing on Saturday too, but I´m not telling where.


  1. Ahh, Jenn, do we want to know where?

  2. Yes, It is nowhere bad. Let me give clues just for fun. It is not somewhere that you´d have to take off clothes to see, and it is not anywhere that mucus comes out of or saliva for that matter. Who wants to guess? Humor me.