Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bad Saturdays: 3 for 3

The crow on the weeping cherry tree was symbolic I suppose.

I'm starting to dread Saturdays. This has been the third bad one in a row. For some reason life has been slinging mud at me every weekend, and I'm starting to get weary. Last week I broke up with my boyfriend; this week I got a letter--one that I really did not want. I ripped open the envelope only to find that I did not get the Fulbright grant. Man. I wanted it so bad. I thought I had a pretty good chance at getting one since I made it to the last level of competition and was recommended by the IIE. Apparently the ministry of education in Argentina had other plans. I'm sooooo disappointed. I think it would have been better to have been rejected earlier in January when they sent out the first letter. The way it was, I had my hopes up since October, and now I feel crushed. This sucks. I feel like I failed at one of my life dreams.


  1. Emily C.May 04, 2008

    3 for 3? what happened on another saturday? shouldn't it be 2 for 2?
    anyway, I'm sorry dear you didn't get the argentina fulbright...but you know what? you're going to u of maryland and someday you'll make boatloads of money and we'll go together and sip drinks by the pools and be fed by hot cabana boys who love our english accents. And, we go teach children (or hot cabana boys) english, just to satisfy and appease you)

  2. ok. as long as we have hot cabana boys to rub lotion on our backs, I guess I'm ok then.


  3. ooooo...i forgot about the part about them rubbing lotion on our backs/bodies...very good point indeed.

  4. oh wait...yes, you are 3 for 3...i forgot about the great earth day escapade

  5. you know what's funny is i looked up "weeping scholar tree" because sylvia plath references it in the book "the bell jar" as i was reading your blog it seemed straight out of the book since she too gets rejected from a scholarship competition before ...well you'll have to read the book for that. page 137.

    anyway i thought it was a funny coincidence or not?

  6. That is a funny coincidence. Thanks for the tip Amir. I'll have to check out The Bell Jar. Maybe there is solace in similarity? especially since Sylvia Plath is such an amazing writer.