Sunday, April 20, 2008

Art Marathon Followed by a Bad Day

Friday night was the art marathon at Ship. I got literally no sleep. Man, Saturday was a bad day. Bad all around. Everything you could imagine going wrong, did.

As I already said, I didn't sleep because of the art marathon. I felt like I might have had permanent lobster claw fingers and a hermit crab back from throwing on the wheel for so long. (The highlight of my evening though, probably had to be seeing my professor throw with his feet. It was strange, and yet he was so good at it too. It actually looked like a pot). So to start the day off I got no sleep.

Then, in the morning I went to plant trees but I couldn't find the rest of the group. I drove around Calendonia for 45 minutes looking for cars with Shippensburg parking stickers or people carrying shovels. I found neither.

And then my car ran out of gas. The steering wheel locked up and glided into the parking lot at the park. I called my dad to come get me, but he was at work so I called my boyfriend. He came and rescued me with a gallon of gas. Then he said he'd follow me to the nearest gas station.

That was sweet of him, but then on the way out he smashed into my car. Bam. And then bam again. Twice. A ranger saw it so he called the police. The police questioned us forever, because he thought that my boyfriend was mad at me and he purposefully ran into me. He kept asking me, are you sure you two aren't in an argument? Was he upset that he had to come bring you gas? Has he ever hurt you? And on and on. I don't think the police officer believed me, and he was ready to cart him off to prison or something.

Then, after all that I didn't get to home and go to sleep. I had to go some awards thing that my parents wanted me to attend. I just wanted the day to be freakin' over!


  1. bahahahahahahahaha...even hearing this a second time makes me laugh in the computer lab!
    All so ironic, my dear jenn...
    hopefully, today is a better day.

  2. hahahaha, I will agree with Emily. It is funny no matter how many times you hear it. hahahaha

  3. oh my gosh... that is awful. i can't believe that all happened to you. i hope your "boat" a.k.a. your car is alright.